Friday, 31 August 2012

Preparing for Vengeance

It seems like the world is about to go either Dark Angels or Chaos mad when it comes to 40k at the minute. Unless you've been hiding under a rock, as they say you'd know the new 40k starter set, Dark Vengeance is out tomorrow.

I'm planning to kick off a growing tale of four gamers style campaign at the lost boys gaming club to set us into sixth edition 40k proper. As the new boxed set contains Dark Angels, who were in fact my first proper 40k army all those years ago, and Chaos, my all time favorites, it'd have been rude not to order myself a copy.

As I have a good few thousand points of chaos forces, I thought this would be a good chance to go back to where I started and have a go at the emperor's 1st legion. 

Now, I've not actually painted marines for quite a while now. So long in fact, that there aren't any more here on my blog, as my last marine army predates my first post. I went back to basics, picked myself up a tactical squad, and cracked out the paints. These pictures are of my first finished combat squad. 

Ok, they aren't quite done, still got bases to go. Painting marines after so long has really shown how far my painting has come. I wouldn't have been able to properly shade and highlight those eye lens' last time I tried.


And I certainly wouldn't have been able to try the fiddly bits on my sergeant's banner and shoulder plate. 

So my advise, is go grab a copy of Dark Vengeance and go back to basics, just for a painting exercise. You won't realize what you know!

Sneaky peak for the future!


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  1. These are awesome, there's a vitality and confidence in your brush strokes that I wish I had. I see all that tidy line-highlighting in White Dwarf and think that's what I should be doing but don't have the skills. When instead I should be doing them like yours.

    That's why I'm happier with the 'nids - more forgiving. Which is apt given I'm also painting the Unforgiven. If you get chance to do a step-by-step and list of paints that's be cool. Perhaps then when I've finished the nids I'll be able to get my mojo in gear and finish mine off too ;)