Monday, 20 August 2012

The Last March of the Trollbloods.

This Weekend just gone, I played a Warmachine tournament with my trolls I've been posting about. This was to be a special tournament for the trolls for several reasons.

Firstly, It was the last in a trilogy of lighthearted events I've taken part in over the summer, hosted at the Scythe and Teacup gamer's Cafe in Liverpool. All three days were great fun, with some worthy opponents to test my mettle against.

Secondly, as I posted about earlier, I'd placed 4th in the first event, and come home with the 1st place trophy in the second event. This was enough to put my top of the leader board at the start of play yesterday.

The final reason it was special, more for Jarl Skuld than me(I'm sure he was welling up in the last game), is that I've had the army up for sale for the last couple of weeks, and I've now found a buyer, so the army is sold. This was to be my last chance to go out with a bang and show I've learnt something starting trollbloods in the first place.

Would I come home with a prize for the plucky blue highwayman?  

This photo was taken by the event organiser, Mark Berkley. This was the most gruelling game of the day, against a cygnar player I knew only as stuey. Jarl and EHayley danced each other's shots and spells, pushing into the objective zone with their armies.  

The game continued almost up till time, with neither caster able to find a weakness to exploit. Several cygnar jack pushed forward only to be slammed back back troll impalers, while a mauler hammered up the right flank, chewing his way through Thorn, to shear down hayley's reach.

In the end, jarl and a single impaler remained to claim a control point to carry me home in an unconvincing manner.

A few games later and Jarl's very last shot claimed Servath Reznik's last hit point to seal the last game for me. 

In the end, I finished the day with 3 wins and a loss, the loss being to Phil winstanley's skorne in round one. Phil went on to win all of his games throughout the day, and came home with the first place trophy. Very well done to him.

I landed fourth again. My total tournament points for the whole trilogy, however, put me just above Phil, who came second. 

So i came home with another trophy, this time the IKRPG alexia, and a pack of free objective markers for coming top over all.

I also managed to win myself 6 free paints by winning the best painted model competition with my dire troll mauler.

With this, the day was done. I big thank you to mark for organising the event, and the the gamers at the scythe for providing some cracking games over the summer. No doubt we'll meet again!!

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