Friday, 25 January 2013

A Chaos General with a Twist.

So it's just a little one today. Since I'm waiting for parts from the postman to finish my deamon engine from the the last blog, I thought I'd crack out the old brushes on this guy.

Remember how I mentioned I was going to gel my new chaos army with my old traitor lot? Well this is the guy who's going to be running the whole show. He goes by the name of 'Tanks', but there will be more on that in another post soon. 

I've had this thing sat on my desk for over a year now, and to be honest, I never thought it'd get painted. But now with the start of this new dark mechanicus inspired army, it seemed the perfect chance to get him on the table. 

It's largely built from a Grey Knight's Nemesis Dreadknight, with Defiler armour plating and a series of chaotic upgrades, including weapons from a Deamon Prince(which it will count as in game) kit, and small gauge brass chain. 

As you can see, he is still work in progress, but I think he suits his new granite colour scheme well. I've kept it similar to my titans, so hopefully the whole horde will look the part when there are countless deamon engines and infantry flooding the table!


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