Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Dark Angels progressing. 1600 points incoming

So to break up the chaos that's been coming out of my blog for the last week, I thought I'd post a picture of how my Dark angels are getting along. It's been since 500 points that I posted a full army shot so thought it's be nice to show how I'm getting on.

It has been announced recently that our club, the lost boys, is to attend the second leg of an inter club tournament held between 4 local clubs in the northwest of England. Its my turn to step up, so I'm most likely going to be taking the Dark angels along to the event held at MAWS(Manchester area wargames society, I believe).

So i need a painted 1600 point list to take with me. so far, its shaping up to look a little something like this:

As you can see, I have about 16 marines and a dreadnought to finish. Also, I've had to pull out the emergency librarian for space hulk, hopefully to save my arse from the tournament scene here.

I'd best not delay anyhow, I have marines to paint and a tournament to practise for!


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