Sunday, 13 January 2013

How to paint a Chaos Warhound Titan part 9. Basing, Weathering and Completion.

This has been one long haul of a job, but this is the final post detailing the construction of my Chaos Warhound Titan. That's right, the titan is complete!

So last time, I'd left the titan drying overnight as I'd glued the various painted modules together with epoxy resin. All that remained was to paint the base up. Firstly, a coat of tamiya's TS-4 German grey out of a spray can, using a piece of paper to mask off the chequer board tiles. Easy.


Just checking at every stage to see how the over all effect will come out.

Next up, I sponged a mix of 25/50 White to Codex grey over the german grey areas, to add depth, then the same again with 50/50 white-Codex grey. After this, I used the top highlight mix to paint in the white tiles. Adding more white with each pass, I layered up the dusty white effect. Then I added a spot of codex grey to black, and did a few sponging layers over the black tiles. 

a few sponge layers of Umber paint here and there to break up the grey, then I painted the details in, such as fuel cans, grids, street lights, etc.  After this little lot, it was time to start weathering the big bastard up.

5 layers of forgeworld's weathering powder, starting with Dry mud, to Aged rust, to Light rust, to Black soot, finally Dark Iron, applied simpley with a brush, to various part of both the titan and it's base.

I tried to think of where these effects would lay naturally on a machine like this. The mud, obviously was concentrated around its feet, though not exclusively. Rust I stuck to areas such as bolts, rivets, and damaged areas.  Soot went around the nozzle on the Inferno cannon and the exhausts. dark iron I used on damaged areas and over the soot on the Inferno cannon to bring out the nozzle from the dark soot.

Bear in mind these shots are pre-sealing, so the colours are a lot more vivid and predominant than they'll end up. This is most obvious on the light rust seen here on the void shield generators on the titans back carapace. 

One quick coat of Army painter's Anti shine Matt varnish to hold it all together, and boom. On big horrible Chaos Titan, crushing Imperial territory! All that remains is to finish off the details on its base, and you can see the varnish has lifted a little bit of the weathering powder on the Inferno gun which needs sorting.


A couple more shots for the fun of it. 

Quick scaling shot with some traitor armour.

 Only one thing left to mention in this post. I spent the last day of the titan project modelling with my good friend Tom, in what we called 'Robot vs Dinosaur day'. Would've been rude not to show the great big Squiggoth he's been working on!  

Still work in progress as you can see, but he's not far off done. I think you'll agree he's done a gnarly job.

Our first apocalypse game of 2013 is booked in on the 16th February, so keep an eye out for reports of these two super heavies blasting each other apart!  

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