Friday, 11 January 2013

How to paint a Chaos Warhound Titan part 8. Interior and final contruction.

The end is nigh! I'm so close to the end of this titan project I can taste it. I've given it some hammer over the last few weeks and hopefully now its coming to a head. Last time The exterior of pretty much each part of the titan was close to ready to fitting together for final weathering.

Here are the different 'modules' as I put it, ready to go together. That is, minus the base. But before we get ahead of ourselves, I have the crew from the interior to paint. 

Now quite often with titan blogs, people always seem to focus all of their painting efforts on the crew and the interior. I'm not sure why this is, as in reality, they probably get seen about as much as the titan's arm pits.
Ok, maybe a little bit more, especially the head, but for the amount the interior get seen, I'd rather spend the time weathering up the paint work. People will actually see that when it's on the table.  

So, these shots are the kind that you find all over the internet when you google 'Warhound Titan', nothing to special to be honest. The corrupted gooey stuff has had some highlights swallowed somewhat on these pictures, trust me, it looks a bit better in the resin. 

A quick shot of a work in progress weapons servitor. You can see his brain! You get really see on this shot how choosing where you apply washes really helps how your metals look on a model like this. 

One detail that is hard to pick up on from the forgeworld stock photographs, is exactly what this thing here is. When I first got the kit, I though it was what remains of the right hand weapons servitor, just a torso, but once I'd applied a wash, it brought out those veins you can see. What you're looking at is the beating corrupted heart of the deamon inside! Weird!  

Keeping the weirdness going, the kits features a crazy chaotic lash tendril thing, which actually bursts out of the dead moderatii strung up on the back of the machine, through the middle bulkhead, through the inside of a techpriest pinned against the access panel to the cockpit, through there, into the titan's head, and connects to the back of the princepts head. Forgeworld sculptors are pretty messed up chaps, so it seems. 

After the interior was to a standard(not finished yet, I've got weathering powder to go), I realized I'm pretty much done painting the actual machine. I still have the base to go, but this means I was able to glue the rest of the titan together. This picture show it in dry dock, propped up and the epoxy resin drying. It is also the first shots of the actual finished pose. Obviously, I'm not going to glue the carapace and the top of the head on. Ileft it like this overnight to make sure to was dried before removing the props. and clipping my brass rod pins to length.

All I have to do then now, is get the base painted up, and weather the monster up.

Til next time.


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