Wednesday, 23 January 2013

One Ugly Forgefiend Conversion.

A couple of a days ago, in true forgeworld style(Except mine wont be that good), I left my blog with a 'sneak peak' of my next project. It was a picture of some sort of chaosy armoured prow, remember?

Well here the sucker is in full view. I plan on adding another wing to my apocalypse army. It's going to be a new army in its own right as well, and it's going to be themed around a chaos cult in the employ of some half insane Warpsmith character. I want the army to have lots of Deamon engines of my own devising. I am actually a huge fan of the big new chaos models, the mauler fiend, forgefiend and heldrake, but i notice at the minute every tom, dick and harry have them on the table. I want my army to stand out from the crowd, and be especially mental. Trust me, I have a lot of idea for more where this came from.   

I had the idea to make this guy a few weeks ago, he is going to be a counts as forgefiend. There's quite a few parts involved, from leman russ turrets to the head of an Ogre Kingdoms Stonehorn. 

He's also one of the first models I've given plasticard modelling ad proper good go at. I've never riveted anything before. It's as boring as you can imagine. I am quite pleased with how it turned out though, especially the shield.

Obviously, he's still work in progess on the building front. The base is pretty much thrown together. It needs filling in around the edges with milliput, so more details, re-enforcing steel rods through the concrete slab, for example.

 The back still needs work too, the chassis looks a bit empty. His left arm is going to get 2 hades autocannons, when my forgefiend kit arrives later this week. There is talk of having to mechatendrills bursting from his belly. I'll see what I can do with those when the kit arrives.

Hope you enjoy the madness! 


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