Sunday, 20 January 2013

How to paint Deathwing terminators part 3.

In this post, I'll be finishing of the deathwing terminator I've been showing these last couple of days, and show the finished squad.

 So we need to weather up this guy and get some dirt and damage on to his armour. Firstly, I took a sponge and some acrylic paint, and very gently sponged on the paint in ting amounts dotted around the armour. I was careful to make sure the chipped effect was only applied to the logical places his armour would chip. Edges and rounds are likely areas.

After this, I took some of Forgeworld's 'Dry mud' Weathering powder, and with an old brush applied it dry around the model's feet, and in tiny amounts in other places. Careful when you're weathering, this stuff gets everywhere and doesn't come out of clothes, carpets, etc. Be sure to cover places up first! Less is more with this stuff, but remember it's going to get a coat of varnish that will both seal and dull down your weathering. It takes a few models worth of practise if you've never done it before. I use army painter's anti shine matt varnish. It's just the best on the market I've found so far.  


After you've done that, go back to part one and do the whole thing again...  

 ...5 times. This is my finished dark vengeance squad, ready to strike down some traitorous bastards.

Hopefully, these articles prove helpful for a slightly different take on the deathwing.

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