Monday, 14 January 2013

Photo practice with some Robed Dark Angels.

I'm all over painting at the minute, I'm getting loads done. Today I bring you some of my long suffering dark angels. These guys are long suffering for two reasons.

Firstly, there is a whole army of them sat next to my painting table, half painted. I always seem to have something better to paint, most of the time its idea to do with the large chaos horde I'm always building.

Secondly, down at our club, we've been running a 40k campaign that have lasted for the last 4 months, and is set to go on for 3-4 more. For far(I blame a 4th edition codex), my poor dark angels have been battered, burned, or squashed be huge monsters pretty much every week. In honour of the new codex, I've finished(nearly) this here tactical squad.

As mentioned in earlier posts, I got a new camera set up for Christmas, which I'm still trying to get the hang of somewhat. This picture is somewhat dark, but I'm trying to sort it out. Only thing left to do is a free hand banner and we're done here. 

So members of the squad, a little better lit this time. 

If there's one thing I'll be good at by the end of this army, it'll be painting dark angels symbols! I'm glad with how these are turning out. This is also the first marine army I've managed to paint the eyes properly, as can be seen in these last couple of shots. 

Thanks for looking.


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