Saturday, 5 January 2013

How To Paint a Chaos Warhound Titan part 5. Painting begins.

Well, the warhound project is still in full steam, today I bring you the first update that involves a paint brush.  I've started painting at the bottom, with the legs. I find with big models this is the easiest way to make sure you get it all done. Whatever you do, don't start with either the guns or the head. Probably the best and most exciting parts to part, once you've done those, you start to lose drive to get the rest of it done.

So all the metal gets a rough base coat of 50/50 Tinbitz/Leadbletcher. The the workshop's credit, boltgun metal's replacement, mixes much better than boltgun ever used to.

All the decorative trim around the panels on the armour I just a gave a basecoat of Tinbitz.After this It all got a solid black wash, mixed from just acrylic black with water.

Once the wash had dried(I left it overnight), I grabbed a sponge and sponges tinbitz and boltgun mix lightly over the metal. I followed this with a pure almost 'Sponge drybrush' just to highlight and catch the edges of the metal.  

Once the metal had dried, I painted the armour panels with my favorite, now out of production and cost me to much on the Internet paint, charadon granite. This paint was brilliant, because although it appears pretty grey and warm, if you mix just a little bone colour with it, it starts to bring out a green tint. As far as I am aware, no other paint has this property.  


So after the basecoat was down, I mixed a little bleached bone with the charadon granite, and begun highlighting with my trusty sponge. I only gave the plates two highlights, as the details will come from multiple layers of washes and weathering at a later stage. 

Speaking of which, The legs got their first wash now, Gw's seraphim sepia. I used a standard brush to apply this in certain nooks and crannies on both the metals and the granite armour. In places I dragged it down, to give the impression of running oils and stains, as can be seen on his big toe here.

Once this has dried, I gave it a test with the torso. This shot shows him next to his big brother. Together they'll rule the galaxy I tell you. 


  1. Looking excellent impressive progress!

    1. Thank you! Look out for this machine fighting over some of your terrain soon!