Thursday, 31 January 2013

One Ugly Forgefiend conversion. Again.

Whay hey, my Maulerfiend arrived in the post! This means a few things. Firstly, it means I could finish building my Forgefiend from the other week, as I can now give him the right guns. It also means, I have the start of my next deamon engine for the army which I'll probably be able to begin to build this time next week.

As you can see, This guy is now ready for a bit of colour. I dropped the 'Mechatendrils bursting out of the stomach' idea. This is mainly because as I glued the guns on, he appeared to be less in pain and more like he is bringing his autocannons be bear on the foe. I don't think it would've looked quite right with tendrils flying everywhere and his head looking not really bothered and more happy to be aiming at the other guy!  

You can see I did some work on the base too, including used DAS modelling clay to fill in under the angled slab of paving. 

Originally, I'd planned to use some spare power cables I have left over from the warhound titan to feed his guns, but I tried it and they simply looked to large. I bent and pinned some brass rod instead, and added some greenstuff ties for a little bit of detail. 

All that was left was to add a little plastic card spacer between the cannons(detailed with a skull, this is 40k after all) and here we have it. Ready for painting next week!


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